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This week was tiring. Ramayana ramayana ramayana~ Post play high, omg.. :(( 
I love our section. I swear. We worked real hard for the play. 
That's why our play was awesome. 
I was a little hurt when Emman made fun of me when I was saying the roll call, though.
Oh well, he made up for it.
Omg, Milo and Jem, I love our frisbee skillzzzz~
Migs said our play's just third best.
Then I remembered his opinion doesn't count.
Hehe just kidding chevrolet whatever.

I forgot to go to the Aksis 101 because of the Sr play.
It's okay cause I got to be with Emman and Mikai and some topaz and sampa and mg people. :">
So many homeworks for the weekend.
I can't feel my three day weekend. :(
I haven't done anything of real value today except for one str proposal. :(
Oh well, at least I have one.

I want to continue reading that Sunday Morning fanfic na. :(
Oh well. Studies first.
Physics and Math classes this week were fun and bangag. :">
I love you, Mg girls and Sir Mark. =))

I am so happy these past few weeks. Not completely, of course, but you know.
I am content with my life right now.
I mean, not content in the way that I don't want to change anything.
Content as in I don't feel any bad feelings of hatred or jealousy or bitterness that much anymore.
I'm happy. :) Finally.
I wish this feeling would last.

And omg, success! I am enjoying my studies now. :) I will enjoy my third year in Pisay.
Socsci made me think. I will live every day to the fullest.

I miss my Sampa bb's. :'(
I miss the pogi guys, jade and our hugs, the banter every break, i miss everything!
I miss Cj and Lyon, our friendship back then. I miss Kitty's lunches.
I'm not as close to people as I was today. That's sad.
But I know I can improve that pa.
I will not worry. Hakuna Matata!

Next challenge for our class: Dikum!
Oh how we fought for which songs we would sing.
At least we got that settled.
We can do this! We are awesome.