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Because I miss Sampa

Can I just repost this here? :(((((((((((((((((((( MY HEART IS BREAKING U KNO

Right now, I am thinking about this school year. At first, it was really hard for every one to adjust because all of us were, in some way, still attached to our first year sections and our first year friends. Some got over that rough period earlier than the others but I wasn’t one of them. I remember that for the first month, I ate lunch with Bana, Bea, Jo, and Hazel, whoever had the same lunch period. Topaz was really close, you know and I guess I got used to it or something. But after a while, I don’t know, I got over the fact that I’m not first year anymore and I started to make friends with people in our section. And they were lovely people, indeed. I am serious here, do not laugh. 

I guess some of the first people I got close to in Sampa were K, Kristine, Macqui, Kryzsa and Celz and David. Kitty, Geo and I got closer compared to when we were in Topaz. Cj and I were close before, but not in the talking way, more of in the bonding way, but this school year, we really talked. I don’t know how and exactly when it happened, but after a few months, I started liking being in Sampa already. 

Oh my god, wave of nostalgia. All the things I will miss :(

The open forum :o I remember it clearly enough. The fieldtrip. The homeroom sessions. The Val Ed classes. The everyday banter. Bangag people. Corny Jokes. MGA POGI. Vivian race. Fries/Food trip. Those nights near the boy’s dorm. Triple date sa oval. Omfg Vivi during the Hip Hop Abs, lol. Gab’s printing press, Christmas epic exchange gift, even though we have lousy programs, we ALWAYS have yummy food, Emman’s barbecque

of course, would I ever forget the perpetually bangag late night sampa parteyss? These guys never fail to make me laugh in spite of all the stress second year brings, @ Celz, Marianne, Neil, Geo, and Jade. JADE JADE JADE. Our Mongolian trips, all the hugs, omg the sabawness and the toothbrushing for pleasure~ Thank you, Jade, for putting up with me even though sometimes I can be a bitch like Bellatriiks. :(

And op kors, lahat ng pogi sa Sampa nakakamiss. @ GULA, ang hari ng pogi forever, Siya na. The rak en rolz and the terti and the help and everything. @ Dave, omg dave!!!!!1 NOOOO. Who else can cheer me up just by singing? Mr. Curiosity, Geek In The Pink, Wordplay, You And I Both, at sa lahat ng corny and nerdy jokes sa mundo, walang tatalo sa mga jokes niya. @ Jeremy, the buddy and the kuya. Thank god you hug back now. All the Math help and the asking for my advice even though he IS older. HAHAHAHAH his favorite songs. Billionaire, Just The Way You Are and Oh My Gosh. @-) Thank you, Jeremy, for almost not singing them anymore. @ David, DAVIIIIIIIIIIIID. If he won’t make a tumblr account this summer, I will change my dp and my url to something that will be hard to find and type. David, the drama, the super haba then super ikling kwentos, hehe Mraz songs. The four of them are like, some of the people I want to see and be with when I’m having a bad day because even if they’re super corny, idgaf okay, they make me laugh and happy. ~~

Okay dormers.  Nax. @ Lyon. Another madrama person @-) But without that guy, my music library will be reduced to half. HAHAHAHAH The radio of my life and even though his jokes are not funny, his face is so it even things out. Kidding. Not Oh yes, I can also blame him for me being bipolar cause maybe being bipolar is a communicable disease and I most probably got it from him. W/e. @ Michael, omg BroMagYu forever. @ Josh, omfg this guy’s funny without trying to be. The “Cholo” daw of our class, accdg. to Ma’am Mijares. But you know, he is sweet din. Guess how I knew that :o :> :> The best Physics seat mate. He can perfect an lt without taking notes, or even without really listening. Idk, go figure.

To my fellow hp worshipers and fellow fanfic readers @ Diego, the perpetually not talkative guy and dota dude. I never expected that he reads fanfic @-) Ron-Hermione shipping, wtf Diego and NO, VIVI DOESN’T LOOK LIKE TOM FELTON OKAY. @ Cheska, omg I love your perfume forever. Vanilla’s so perfect. AND WE WILL GO KILL EMMAN TOGETHER, YES. @ Jade, @ Dave

And after a while, who doesn’t get tired of Joey’s endless stories about his many friends and relatives? And @ Joey, he has the most random taste in music ever. I love his iPod cause it has songs from various genres but it doesn’t have enough J Mraz songs! @ Migs, the one who got srsly angry at me and up to now, I don’t full understand why but I get it and I am regret. Jokes na hindi nakakatawa, various silly faces, and he is the best in filipino ever =)) OH WAIT, talo siya nina Marianne and Michael =)) 

@ Joanne, bat ang random nito @-) lol @ Monchai, the field trip and the envisci trip

There was that time when Lyon and Jade and I were walking through the SHB to the caf and Jade was holding Lyon and I and some first year dudes greeted Lyon and Jade was like, “Hi, I’m Jade.” And Lyon and I were like, lol Jade what.


Oh god and when David asked me why is it that girls hate to sneeze when they have their period and I was like, fck no please no. And Dave knew why; I guess he’s a girl in his past life or something.

Josh: “Ano yung torete? Yun ba yung tinutugtog tuwing new year?” wegbowaubgaowebgl; Josh =))

Celz’s pastas and cakes forever.

Marianne’s sleeping face and random bursts and oh oh English time.

Ma’am Mijares: *discussing lesson*

Marianne: *smiles her creepy smile” 

Ma’am Mijares: Why are you smiling, Marianne?


We died.

The drama Macqui and I had. Oh wait, there was a lot.

The time when Mara, David, Jade, Lyon and I had that talk beside the Bio room about things @-)

Art projects. The Art Architecture project ruined my life the most. All those hours of sleep that was taken away from me :( 


Peryodiko and Johnoy Danao.

Those moments when we sing together. Omg nothing will beat the concert we had during Art period! @ Dave, David, K, Macqui, Kryzsa, Kristine. Thanks other Sampa people, for not disowning us.

Marianne’s and Lyon’s ipods.

"Don't make me habol just because I'm huggable" :))

Those moments in English and Music classes where my eyes and someone else’s eyes would meet and we would try our hardest not to laugh or roll or eyes.


Juno, ftw. Oh wait, panalo parin Rec 1

LNSP’s webcam picture sharing and omg the peeks I had during their sleepover @-)

argbfalwiesjgnaweaf;awesfjna I should stop. :(

I can’t wait for the Batch Night and the class outing. A little more than two weeks left. I can’t believe it. Just when I was really loving it in Sampa and just when we’re all settled in and just when it really feels like better, here comes Summer disrupting it all. Oh well, as if we won’t see each other again next school year. It will be different, but we’ll live. Sana lang pwedeng mangyari ang III-Sampa, kahit hanggang IV pa, okay lang. Okay na `ko dito. Masaya.

I am sad. David made me sad. I don't like David. But I miss David.
O m g h o w I m i s s y o u  S  A  M  P  A ! ! ! :'(